Can I set up Bill Payments with FastNet Classic to pay my regular bills?

Last Updated: 02 Jul 2018

Yes a FastNet Classic internet banking Bill Payment is ideal if you are regularly paying a person or company, at different times and for varying amounts. There are two sorts of Bill Payees you can set up:

  • Self-selected Bill Payments are for people such as your lawn mower contractor, or your Doctor. These are payees you set up yourself in FastNet Classic; you’ll need their account details and their name handy when you set them up.
  • FastNet Classic also offers you a directory of companies that have pre-registered their incoming payment details with us. We call these pre-assigned payees. They are companies such as Vodafone, Mercury Energy, Local Authorities (for rates, water, etc), Insurance Companies, and many others. Details for these payees are pre-loaded into FastNet Classic Bill Payments and you can easily search for them.

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