Can I set up Bill Payments with FastNet Classic to pay my regular bills?

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2021

Yes, a FastNet Classic internet banking Bill Payment is ideal if you are regularly paying a person or company, at different times and for varying amounts. There are two types of Bill Payees you can set up:

  1. Self-selected Bill Payments - Self-selected Bill Payments are for people such as your lawn mower contractor or your Doctor. These are payees that you set up yourself in FastNet Classic; you’ll need their account details and their name handy when you set them up.                                
  2. Registered Payees - FastNet Classic also offers you a directory of companies that have registered their payment details with us. We call these Registered payees. They are companies such as Vodafone, Mercury Energy, Local Authorities (for rates, water, etc.), Insurance Companies, and many others.

Details for these payees are pre-loaded into FastNet Classic Bill Payments and you can easily search for them. Registered payees have already provided us with their account details and rules for completing information fields. These payees are responsible for keeping the account details up to date; you do not need to check them.

Find out more about how to add a bill payee.

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