How do I pay a police infringement in FastNet Classic?

Last Updated: 14 Nov 2018

You can pay a police infringement notice by setting up a Bill Payment.

If you incur another police infringement, you will need to edit the Police Infringement Bureau payee details and change the infringement number (reference details) before making the payment.

To set up or edit Bill Payment Payee details for the Police Infringement Bureau:

  1. Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking
  2. Select 'Payments' from the left-hand menu, then 'Bill Payments'
  3. From the drop down box, select the account that you want to load the Bill Payment Payee against
  4. Click on 'New Bill Payment Payee'
  5. Search for Police Infringement Bureau in the Registered payee list
  6. Select the name 'Police Infringement Bureau' from the search results
  7. Enter the details to appear on their statement – you will need the notice number, your vehicle registration and your driver licence number
  8. Enter the details to appear on your statement
  9. Select ‘Submit’ then "yes" to confirm set up of the Bill Payment Payee

Once you have set up or edited the Bill Payment Payee details for the Police Infringement Bureau, you can make the payment: 

  1. Select 'Payments' from the left-hand menu, then 'Bill Payments'
  2. From the drop down box, chose the account you will make the payment from
  3. Click the ‘Make a Payment’ button
  4. Chose ‘Police Infringement Bureau’ from the list of payees
  5. Select the account you want to make the payment from
  6. Select the date and enter the amount
  7. Click ‘Add Bill Payment’
  8. Check the date and amount before clicking ‘Yes’ to confirm the payment

There is no set up fee when the payment is set up via FastNet Classic online banking.

Alternatively, this can also be set up via our contact centre by phoning 0800 803 804 (or +64 9 306 3000) or at any ASB branchPlease note: A $5 fee will apply when setting up via the contact centre or ASB branch.

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