I can’t update my Clever Kash anymore, what should I do?

Last Updated: 15 Sep 2021

Make sure that there are new transactions to update. Check the last date that you updated Clever Kash (this is on Clever Kash’s screen) and check your child’s ASB savings account on the ASB Mobile Banking app to see if there have been any new transactions since this date.

If the balance in the account does not match what is showing on Clever Kash’s tummy, try manually updating Clever Kash. This can be done by:

  • Selecting the Clever Kash tab in the ASB Mobile Banking app.
  • Selecting the account you wish to update.

Then tap on ‘Update Clever Kash’.

If Clever Kash is still not updating, please email cleverkashsupport@asb.co.nz for assistance.

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