What information does the ASB Mobile app access if installed on my device?

Last Updated: 15 May 2018

ASB Mobile requires certain information/access permissions to work on your phone for the following services:

  • GPS location data:
    This is used for the Branch & ATM Finder map functionality
  • Identify phone call status:
    This is used as we have a function allowing customers to call ASB from the app and to make sure the app works on incoming calls.

  • Read contact data of all my personal contacts:
    We require this permission to enable users to select cell phone numbers and email addresses from their contact list for the Pay to Mobile/Email function.

  • Get accounts:
    This is used for push sending notifications
  • Bluetooth:
    This is only used for Clever Kash (a cashless moneybox for kids)
  • Storage permission:
    This is to allow you to share screen shots of payment confirmation pages if you wish

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