My credit card has been damaged or doesn't work, what should I do?

Last Updated: 15 Jul 2021

If your credit card is not working or has been damaged you can cancel and replace your damaged card using ASB FastNet Classic Internet banking.

  • Log in to FastNet Classic.
  • Select the 'Open and apply' button on the accounts page.
  • When the Open & apply page open, select 'Replace card' from the Cards section.
  • Follow the instructions to apply.

Once your replace your card, you will be issued with a replacement card with the same number, but a new expiry date. This will not affect any bills you pay via direct debit.

You should receive your replacement credit card within 5 working days. Overseas delivery times will be subject to local service providers. 

If you don’t have ASB FastNet Classic Internet banking you will need to call 0800 255 382 or call into your nearest ASB branch to organise a replacement card.

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