Tertiary student package

Life changes after you leave school, with the freedom to be who you want and make your own decisions. An ASB Tertiary account gives you the freedom to manage your money how you want - it's the new account for the new you.

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It's your account. So manage it the way you want.

Unlock the features of the ASB Tertiary package - it puts control of your student banking needs in your pocket.

The ASB Tertiary account has no transaction fees, you can apply for an interest-free overdraft of up to $2,000, and get free fries when you use your ASB Tertiary Visa Debit card at McDonald's®.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Apply for an interest-free overdraft of $1000 for the first year of your ASB Tertiary package and $2000 for subsequent years with your ASB Tertiary package
  • Get free fries when you use your ASB Tertiary Visa Debit card to buy something at McDonald’s®
  • Apply for ASB Visa Light – the card with no account fee, our lowest ongoing purchase interest rate and our Smart Rate purchase feature
  • No monthly base fee or transaction fees
  • Ask about our special personal loan rates

Unlock the features of your ASB Tertiary package

Interest rates & fee benefits

Overdraft up to $2,000

Overdraft up to $1000 (first year of your ASB Tertiary package)
Overdraft up to $2000 (subsequent years of your ASB Tertiary package)

Monthly base fee

Transaction fees

Is it right for me?

You can ask for an ASB Tertiary package if you're studying at an NZQA Tertiary institution for a minimum of one semester, or if you're an apprentice at an institution like BCITO. The ASB Tertiary package and its benefits can last for the length of your study or apprenticeship.

After you graduate, you can move to our Graduate package so you can hit the ground running. We'll get in touch with you when this happens and change your account for you (the Graduate package rates and fees will apply).

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Apply online if you’re a Tertiary student or apprentice and we’ll get you up and running as soon as possible.

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Put away money as you spend

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Shop with your mobile phone

ASB PayTag is a Visa payWave sticker that attaches to your mobile phone, turning your phone into a contactless Visa credit or debit card. It’s really convenient.

ASB's terms, eligibility and lending criteria apply. At the end of period of study you will move to a standard account and standard rates will apply. To apply for credit you must be 18 years or older, a New Zealand resident or citizen and for your overdraft, your income must be credited to the ASB Tertiary account. Rates and fees may change and other fees apply, including a monthly overdraft facility fee of 0.12% of the limit and highest daily overdraft balance, whichever is greater (minimum charge $2). Please refer to our fees page. Rates, fees and more details on the ASB Visa Light Smart Rate purchase feature are available on asb.co.nz/light. Free small fries when you use your Tertiary Visa Debit card to buy something at McDonalds. Limit of one free small fries per person per day. Available after 10:30am. Offer subject to change.

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