How to register for internet banking

FastNet Classic internet banking is a safe and secure way of doing your banking online. Check your balances, transfer money between accounts, pay bills and more. Download and print the guide to learn how to register for FastNet Classic internet banking.

Before you start

  • To register for FastNet Classic internet banking call us on 0800 327 863 (overseas +64 9 306 3185 toll charges may apply).

  • You will be asked security questions to make sure that it’s you. Be prepared with your account or card details.

  • You will then be asked to select a Username of your choice, a mixture of letters and numbers - be prepared with a couple of options in case your choice has already been used.

  • You will be issued with a Temporary Password - be ready to note this down.

  • Now that you have your Username and Temporary Password, you’re ready to log in to FastNet Classic internet banking for the first time and update to your own Self-selected Password.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, download and print the guide.

  1. Go to asb.co.nz and Log In to FastNet Classic at the top-right of the page.

  2. Enter your Username and the temporary password issued by the bank and select 'Log in'.

  3. Enter a New password, containing at least 8 characters with at least 2 letters and 2 numbers or special characters.

  4. Confirm your new password and select Change Password.

  5. When you have successfully changed your password, select Continue.

  6. You must read and understand the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link which will open in a new window.

  7. Click Download to read the Terms and Conditions, this will open in another new window.

  8. To accept the Terms and Conditions, you must navigate back to the Login page by closing both the Terms and Conditions windows.

  9. Tick that you've read and accepted the Terms and Conditions and then select Accept.

You've successfully registered for FastNet Classic and can get started banking online.