What internet browsers can I use to view ASB websites?

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2016

To make sure sure our web pages display properly, and that you have the latest security updates, we recommend you use the latest version of one of the supported browsers below. If you use an older browser, or a browser that isn’t on our supported list, you may notice that some functions and features may not work or display perfectly.

Operating system Recommended browsers (latest versions of)
Windows Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer
iOS Chrome, Safari or Firefox
Android Chrome or Firefox


To get the latest versions of our supported browsers:

Download Chrome

Download Firefox

Download Safari

Download Internet Explorer

If you're having difficulty viewing the website and still wish to proceed to log in, please follow one of the links below:

Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking

Log in to FastNet Classic mobile banking

Log in to Online Sharetrading

Log in to FastNet Business internet banking


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