Troubleshooting Tips for ASB ID App

Last Updated: 25 Mar 2021

If you’re having trouble getting your phone to scan your e-passport’s photo page:

  • Turn your phone horizontally to landscape mode. Hold your phone over your passport photo page, ensuring the whole passport page is visible on your screen.  You may need to tap on the phone screen to bring your phone's camera into focus.  
  • If the app still has trouble reading this section, you can tap the ‘keyboard’ symbol. This will bring up another screen where you can type in your passport number, and your date of birth and the passport expiry date. 

If you’re having trouble getting your phone to scan the chip in your e-passport:

  • Place your passport on a flat surface such as a table or desk, with the front of your passport facing up.
  • If you have an Android phone place the back of your phone on top of the front of your e-passport. 
  • If your phone does not detect the chip immediately, gently slide your phone very slowly along the passport until it makes contact. The progress bar will show you if the app has found the chip.
  • If you have an iPhone place the back of your phone to the bottom of your e-passport and then move the phone slowly up until you see the scanner appear on screen. 
  • Avoid metal surfaces during the scanning process.

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