Are there any tips for taking photos with the ASB ID app?

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2018

The ASB ID app requires you to capture a photo of your photo ID, and then take a selfie. These photos are checked and compared; in order to get the best match we need good quality photos. Follow these simple tips for taking good photos using ASB ID.

Capturing your ID:

  • Make sure there's enough light. 
  • Make sure the ID is placed flat on a dark background. 
  • Make sure you are not covering any of the details on the ID with your hand. 
  • Turn the phone to landscape and hold it directly over your ID. 
  • Try to avoid reflections or glare from bright lights. 
  • Make sure the whole document is in the photo. 
  • Take the photo straight on, not on an angle. 

Capturing a selfie:

  • Turn the phone to portrait and hold it directly in front of you. 
  • Make sure the background is plain and light. 
  • Remove any hats or sunglasses that will block your face. Reading glasses are ok but try to avoid glare on the lenses.
  • Centre your head within the oval so that your whole head is visible. 
  • Make sure that the light source is balanced with no uneven lighting on your face, natural lighting is best.
  • Hold still and the app will attempt to automatically take the photo. If it is unable to capture the photo automatically a capture button will appear for you to take the selfie yourself.

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