How does ASB confirm my identity and address online?

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2023

To verify your identity the ASB ID app uses your mobile’s NFC reader to scan your passport’s embedded chip, takes a special selfie-like scan of your face to compare with the photo on your passport, and sends this information to our trusted third party providers for verification purposes. 

If you do not have an NFC reader on your phone, you could borrow an NFC-capable phone or use a New Zealand driver licence.

To verify your address, we check your details with our trusted third party providers, who then match your information to their database.

If they find a match, that’s all we need to do. Otherwise, if you are a new customer logged in to ASB, you will see an option to upload an approved PDF document or JPEG/JPG image showing your name and current home address.

The ASB ID app also provides an option for all customers to upload an approved PDF document.

If for any reason we can’t verify your ID or address online, you’ll need to bring your documents into an ASB branch instead.

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