How do I set up or edit account grouping?

Last Updated: 04 Jul 2022

Group accounts is a feature available in the 'Personalise' menu. This is available only in FastNet Classic internet banking. The ASB Mobile Banking app will follow the order of the accounts but won’t display any groups. 

Why can’t I see the 'Group accounts' option in the 'Personalise' menu?

This functionality is available only for customers that use 'List view'. To do this: 

  1. Go to the 'Personalise' menu  
  2. Select 'Switch account view' 
  3. Select 'List view' on the options  
  4. Select 'Save' 
  5. When you click on 'Personalise' again you will be presented with a menu which 'Group accounts', where it is the second option down.  

How do I set up my accounts? 

  1. Select 'Group accounts' in the 'Personalise' menu 
  2. Select 'Groups on'  
  3. Select 'Edit groups'.  

In this screen you can:  

  • Reorder your groups: 
  1. Select 'Reorder groups' in the current view.  
  2. In 'Reorder groups', customers can drag and drop their groups into an order they prefer within FastNet Classic. If using in FastNet Classic mobile device/browser, use the arrows.
  3. Select 'Next'  
  4. Then 'Save'.   
  • Rename your groups: 
  1. Rename your groups using the 'Edit' button on the top right corner.   
  2. In this same page, you can also reorder your accounts. Using drag and drop in FastNet Classic or the arrows in the mobile device/browser version. 
  3. Click 'Next'  
  4. Then 'Save' to see the changes made in the accounts page.  

Note: When you are regrouping, you can only regroup suffixes under individual unique/account numbers.  

How do I remove groups I have set up?

  1. Go to 'Personalise' 
  2. Select 'Groups accounts'  
  3. Select 'Group off' 
  4. Click 'Save'.

Note: Your accounts will lose the groups you set and will be displayed as a list. Once you remove your groups, the group configuration will be deleted.  

Important information:  

If customers change their account view (from 'List view' to 'Tile view') or reorder their accounts in the 'Personalise' menu in FastNet Classic or ASB Mobile app, they will lose their groups configuration. A message will pop up in FastNet Classic to confirm that the groups will be lost and to make sure the customer wants to proceed, but they will not be alerted about losing groups in the ASB Mobile app. 

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