How do I remote authorise an Automatic Payment via FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 10 Jun 2019

You can now remotely authorise Automatic Payments in FastNet Business web.

You can do this via the Unsent Payments page.

  1. Navigate to the Unsent Payment page via the left hand menu. Automatic payments will display within the list of payments with a status of ‘In progress’.
  2. To authorise automatic payments select one, or more, of the check boxes displayed. Complete all relevant User ID, password and Netcode fields. Click Authorise payments. A message will display informing you that the automatic payment was successfully created.
  3. Modified and deleted Automatic Payment requests must be fully authorised before 8pm the day prior to payment. If this does not happen, the request will expire and must be requested again via the main Automatic Payment page.

Note: Remote authorisation using FastNet Business mobile is not yet available. However, you are able to view outstanding authorisations in the Unsent Payments page in FastNet Business mobile.

Note: Newly created automatic payments, that are not fully authorised, cannot be edited. They must be deleted from Unsent Payments and recreated from the main Automatic Payments page.

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