How can I keep track of my Smart Rate purchases?

Last Updated: 13 Aug 2018

You can check Smart Rate purchases on your monthly credit card statement. They will display a start date, interest rate, end date, purchase amount and the amount left to pay - for each individual Smart Rate purchase.

Note: You can view details in Document Centre in FastNet Classic internet banking or on your paper statement. It is not available anywhere else in FastNet Classic or ASB Mobile.

Here’s an example of a Smart Rate purchase appearing on a statement.

  • Start Date: Date of the Smart Rate purchase. 
  • Interest Rate: Special interest rate that applies to the Smart Rate purchase only.
  • Rate Applicable Until: Date the special interest rate ends for the Smart Rate purchase.
  • Purchase Amount: Amount of the original purchase. This amount does not change on your monthly statements.
  • Amount Owing: Total amount of the Smart Rate purchase, less any payments that have been applied to your Smart Rate purchase.

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