How do I activate the travel insurance on my credit card?

Last Updated: 31 May 2023

Before you get started, remember to keep any receipts, emails, bank statements or other proof that you’ve activated your travel insurance. If you make a claim, we’ll need to see these.

Here are several quick and easy ways to activate your travel insurance prior to leaving New Zealand:

  • Pay for at least 50% of your overseas return travel tickets using your ASB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card.
  • Use your True Rewards dollars, Airpoints or other frequent flyer points to buy your overseas return travel tickets. If you don't have enough True Rewards dollars or frequent flyer points for the whole amount, you can use another activation method to pay at least 50% of the balance to qualify for cover.
  • Get a cash advance from your ASB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card account and on the same day use these funds to pay for at least 50% of your overseas return travel tickets.
  • Pay for at least 50% of your overseas return travel tickets from your ASB bank account if you're unable to use your ASB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card to pay for your tickets, or there's an additional charge for using your card (your travel provider must give you written confirmation that your credit card is not acceptable or would incur an additional charge).
  • Travel on return overseas tickets that you’ve won in a prize draw or competition.  

Need more information? Your policy wording has full details on activating your travel insurance.

To confirm that you've activated your travel insurance, visit www.asbtravel.co.nz where you’ll be prompted to answer several questions. Once you have successfully answered these questions, you'll receive an email with your policy documents confirming activation.

You can also purchase optional credit card travel insurance upgrades specific to your travel plans if required.

ASB's lending criteria and terms apply. ASB Rewards Programme Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the ASB Visa Platinum Travel Insurance Policy for full details. If you are 76 years of age or over, you are not eligible for cover under the base policy, but may be able to purchase Mature Age Cover to receive travel insurance benefits. Other exclusions or limitations apply.

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