What if my ASB PayTag is lost or stolen?

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2016

If you have the ASB Mobile app, you can lock your card using ASB Card Control. To do this, in the left hand menu click ‘Cards’, and select the lost or stolen card and press Temporarily lock card.

If you have FastNet Classic internet banking you can cancel and replace your ASB PayTag straight away by clicking on Open and Apply from the Left hand menu and selecting Card and PayTag Replacement, or using the Options drop down menu from the Balances page for the card you want to replace. 

Simply select your ASB PayTag that is lost or stolen, click on the reason for replacing, confirm your delivery preferences, and then submit. 

You should receive your replacement ASB PayTag within 5 working days. Overseas delivery times will be subject to local service providers. 

If you don’t have FastNet Classic you will need to call 0800 255 382 or notify your nearest ASB branch and we will cancel your ASB PayTag straight away and order a replacement.

If you are overseas, call us collect through the local operator to +64 9 306 3000.

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