What happens if my Direct Debit fails and can't be processed?

Last Updated: 05 Jul 2017

A Direct Debit can fail for a number of reasons. They will automatically dishonour if the account you're attempting to pay from cannot accept the Direct Debit. Reasons a Direct Debit may not be accepted include:

  • You have a hold on your account.
  • ASB hasn’t received an authority allowing the Direct Debit.
  • The Direct Debit is to the wrong account suffix.
  • ASB cancelled the Direct Debit authority on your request.
  • The Direct Debit was attempted on a savings or investment account.

If a Direct Debit transaction is attempted while there are insufficient funds to make the payment, one of two actions will happen.

  1. Depending on your account history, we may choose to process the Direct Debit, taking your account into unarranged overdraft.
  2. The Direct Debit transaction may be attempted again after midnight. If there are still insufficient funds available then the Direct Debit will not be processed. 

Dishonoured payments are sent back to the initiator (the person you pay with the Direct Debit) and it is their responsibility to arrange an alternative payment method with you.

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