How do I create an International Money Transfer (IMT) via FastNet Business International?

Last Updated: 17 Jan 2018

FastNet International is required for non-personal accounts where you are creating an IMT from a Foreign Currency Account and / or will be processing IMT's over NZ$250,000.

Please see our step-by-step guide to help you load International Money Transfers via FastNet Business International. Information provided includes:

  • Assigning User Access.
  • Creating an International Money Transfer.
  • Authorising an International Money Transfer.
  • Updating the International Payee Library.


To Import Payee Details from an Import File:

You must have Amend Import permission to the International Payments function in order to make modifications to an imported file. Otherwise, the imported file is available in View mode only. 

For more information on file formats, refer to the File Formats Technical Guide

  1. At the bottom of the Create International Money Transfer page, click Import; the Import International Money Transfer File page is displayed.
  2. Type the location of the file or click Browse to search for the file, then click Import. The payee details are imported into the bulk IMT and the Modify Money Transfer page is displayed. The imported payee(s) are added to the list of Payee Names at the bottom of the page.

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