Can I send an International Money Transfer from my ASB account if I'm overseas?

Last Updated: 23 Oct 2018

Yes. The easiest way to send an International Money Transfer from your ASB account is with FastNet Classic. You'll need Netcode to complete the transaction which you can obtain by using either:

  • A Netcode token (this is the most reliable method as it avoids any mobile coverage issues. There is a charge of $1 per month to use it.)
  • A mobile phone with an NZ registered mobile number. Just note that this is dependent on your mobile phone coverage; if it’s poor you may not receive the Netcode TXT you need to complete your International Money Transfer transaction.
  • A mobile phone with an internationally registered mobile number. Please note that Netcode via SMS is free to use if you have a New Zealand mobile phone number, but please check with your provider in case there are charges to receive international text messages. Since we rely on international phone providers to send our Netcode SMS to international phone numbers, we cannot guarantee you’ll be able to receive Netcode SMS to your international phone number.

If you are not yet registered for FastNet Classic or Netcode, please call us on 0800 803 804, or if you are calling from overseas + 64 9 306 3000.

You can also complete an International Money Transfer by submitting a form via fax or email to an ASB branch. We will contact you during New Zealand business hours to complete your request so please ensure your contact details held with us are up to date.

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