FastNet Business International

Operating globally? As well as offering online trading tools, FastNet International simplifies managing finances and payrolls in overseas offices.

Benefits at a glance

  • Access your ASB Foreign Currency Account balances and transactions 24/7 from your desktop or mobile
  • Choose the tasks and access you want your team members to have
  • Operate accounts that need payments to be authorised by both you and your business partner
  • Authorise international money transfers from your NZ dollar and foreign currency accounts
  • Manage letters of credit and direct export collections easily
  • Check and approve payments, transfer funds and monitor your balances and transactions anytime from your Android or iPhone

How it works

An optional module of FastNet Business internet banking, FastNet Business International streamlines the management of international payments and ASB Foreign Currency Accounts and provides international trading tools.

Manage international payments

  • International money transfers
    You can send payments individually or in batches. Batches can be in different currencies, and you can check and authorise them all in one go.
  • Payee libraries
    Avoid rework and errors, and save time. You can save individual payees’ details, as well as entire payment batches.
  • Advanced foreign exchange functionality
    You can draw on your ASB forward exchange contracts for a payment, use the current spot rate, or make a payment directly from your foreign currency account.
  • Control
    Give your team specific user permissions and authorisation limits, these can be different from their domestic payment permissions.

Manage your ASB Foreign Currency Accounts

If you deal in specific currencies all the time, an ASB Foreign Currency Account lets you reduce your exchange rate risk. You keep your funds in the overseas currency, ready for payments in and out, without converting to New Zealand dollars.

See your balances
View your balances and transactions, and sort, filter and export them.

Make payments
You can make international payments directly from your foreign currency account. It gives you a clearer financial overview, especially if you're making regular payments.

Receive payments
Keep your foreign remittances in the same currency to enable you to manage the foreign exchange conversion when you're ready.

Get started today

01. Join ASB

You need to have an ASB account to operate FastNet Business and its modules.

02. Register

Complete the FastNet Business registration form. Be sure to include FastNet Business International as well. You can call the FastNet Business Help Desk on 0800 22 55 27 if you have any questions.

03. Log in

We'll send Netcode tokens for each Administrator, so you can set up all the users you need on the system.

04. Customise

You can customise the access your staff have, set up regular payees, make domestic and international payments and view transactions online.

Next steps

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