ASB Foreign Currency Account and overdraft

If you regularly transact in a foreign currency, an ASB Foreign Currency Account gives you added control, by letting you hold your funds in a New Zealand-based account, either on-call or as a term deposit. We also offer a foreign exchange overdraft facility to help manage your foreign exchange needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easily view your balances and transactional information online
  • It's easy to manage. Just hold the funds in the foreign currency, until you need them
  • One account can operate in credit and in overdraft
  • Receive funds directly in a foreign currency and potentially save money by avoiding automatic conversion to NZD

Is it right for me?

The ASB Foreign Currency account is designed for businesses that regularly make transactions or receive payments in another currency. It gives you added control over costs and helps manage your risk.

By opting for the International module of ASB FastNet Business, you can manage your foreign currency accounts and execute international payments online - when it suits you. It also provides tools to set up templates, securely manage documentation and monitor your transactions. Add the Financial Markets Online module to FastNet Business as well, and you can complete your foreign exchange conversions online.

We also offer the facility for foreign currency overdrafts in most major currencies. Many businesses find this can be very useful, in helping manage their foreign exchange exposure. For example, if there is uncertainty on the timing of an overseas trade transaction or to manage exchange rate movement.


Foreign Currency Accounts
Deposit or Withdrawal by Foreign Cash
(Cash-Handling Fee)

(minimum $10)

There are no fees to transfer between your Foreign Currency Account and your NZD accounts. Service charges and foreign exchange fees apply. Please view our guide to fees.

Foreign cash deposits may be subject to a hold period.

Interest Rates

ASB Foreign Currency Accounts may be eligible to accrue interest – please call us on 0800 806 280 for more information.

Get started today

01. Get in touch

Contact a foreign currency management specialist today, call 0800 806 280 or email us.

02. Decide

We’ll work together to assess your cash flow needs and currency risk in each country and decide if a foreign exchange overdraft is right.

03. Get going

Open an ASB Foreign Currency Account at any ASB branch.

Next steps

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Any questions?

Tell us about your foreign currency requirements.


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ASB's terms and lending criteria apply. Fees may change. Refer to asb.co.nz for other fees and charges.

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