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Information displayed is delayed market information. Data displayed in this site is collected from 7:00AM Monday to 7:00AM Saturday. All rates are indicative only and are subject to change at any time. Last updated 7:00:22 PM, Friday, 30 October 2020

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Today's Commercial Rates

Information displayed is delayed market information. Exchange rates are for cleared funds over NZD 1,000,000 and are not for cash, cheques or drafts. Last updated with delayed information 3:00:03 PM, Sunday, 1 November 2020

ASB BankSpotPreviousChange1 mth2 mths3 mths6 mths
Buys USD0.66490.6649-0.66490.66490.66490.6651
Sells USD0.65860.6586-0.65860.65860.65860.6587
Buys AUD0.94490.9449-0.94480.94460.94450.9444
Sells AUD0.93860.9386-0.93840.93830.93810.9379
Buys CAD0.88510.8851-0.88510.88490.88480.8850
Sells CAD0.87760.8776-0.87740.87720.87710.8771
Buys CHF0.61050.6105-0.61000.60930.60880.6074
Sells CHF0.60310.6031-0.60250.60180.60120.5997
Buys DKK4.25154.2515-4.24944.24604.24294.2357
Sells DKK4.20804.2080-4.20474.19984.19704.1880
Buys EUR0.57030.5703-0.56990.56940.56900.5681
Sells EUR0.56590.5659-0.56550.56500.56460.5636
Buys GBP0.51340.5134-0.51330.51310.51310.5130
Sells GBP0.50940.5094-0.50930.50910.50900.5088
Buys JPY69.577869.5778-69.558569.516669.492169.4266
Sells JPY68.933168.9331-68.908468.863868.835368.7552
Buys NOK6.33536.3353-6.33906.33886.33916.3429
Sells NOK6.28586.2858-6.28426.28506.28546.2860
Buys SEK5.91505.9150-5.89405.89215.89055.8860
Sells SEK5.86075.8607-5.85815.85325.85135.8475
Buys SGD0.90650.9065-0.90660.90660.90650.9066
Sells SGD0.90170.9017-0.90170.90170.90160.9015

Rates displayed are delayed market information and subject to change.
'Previous' rates are calculated at close of business on the previous business day.
Rates displayed for 1 mth, 2 mths, 3 mths and 6 mths periods are Commercial Forward Rates.