Managing foreign exchange risk

Need to manage a range of currencies? With anywhere, anytime online access and a network of ASB branches across New Zealand, we can help you to get the timing right to exchange your money.

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Great reasons to choose us

  • Transfer money easily between your ASB transaction and savings accounts and ASB Foreign Currency Account with FastNet Classic internet banking and the ASB Mobile app
  • Work with different currencies easily with no-monthly fee on every ASB Foreign Currency Account
  • Deposit foreign cheques to your foreign currency account at any ASB branch without needing to convert currencies
  • Exchange when you want – keep your money in your ASB Foreign Currency Account until you’re ready to convert, then lock in rates upfront when you want New Zealand dollars
  • Send money overseas anytime with FastNet Classic internet banking or FastNet Business (using the optional international module)
  • Get competitive exchange rates and fees from one of New Zealand's biggest banks


Have an ASB Foreign Currency Account?

Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking or the ASB Mobile app to start transacting. 

Operating a Foreign Currency Account is easy. See our guide on managing your foreign currency.

If you need help, call the Global Markets team on 0800 806 280 or +64 9 302 3055.

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Options to consider

ASB Foreign Currency Account

An ASB Foreign Currency Account provides an easy way to manage your money between another country and New Zealand. Use it to hold foreign currency on-call or as a term deposit with ASB without needing to convert your money into New Zealand dollars until you're ready.

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Get started today

01. Check

Check current exchange rates. Use our calculator to find out what your money is worth in New Zealand dollars.

02. Plan

Decide on the best time for you to exchange your money into the currency you need – now or later?

03. Open

Open an ASB Foreign Currency Account in FastNet Classic internet banking.
Not with ASB yet? Check out the different accounts we have to offer.

04. Act

When you’re ready, use FastNet Classic internet banking to transfer funds into or out of your ASB Foreign Currency Account or call 0800 803 804.

Open an ASB Foreign Currency Account now

Open an ASB Foreign Currency Account online

You can open an ASB Foreign Currency Account in FastNet Classic internet banking.

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Any questions?

We'll help you with your foreign exchange query. Email us.


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