Managing your foreign currency

Do you often send money back and forth overseas? An ASB Foreign Currency Account lets you do this in the currency you want, without having to exchange it.

The easy way to manage overseas currencies

With an ASB Foreign Currency Account you can hold, send and receive funds in a selected foreign currency, without having to convert it to or from New Zealand dollars.

You can deposit foreign currency funds directly into the account (excludes cash). For example, you might be bringing funds home after living or working overseas, receiving an inheritance, or managing a property off-shore.

You can also convert funds into your selected foreign currency from another ASB account, and transfer the money directly into your Foreign Currency Account. You may want to hold these funds or transfer them overseas for a number of reasons, including supporting family members abroad, paying rent or planning an extended stay overseas.

It's simple, easy and can save you money. As a bonus, there's no monthly account fee on ASB Foreign Currency Accounts.


Operating your Foreign Currency Account is easy

Using your Foreign Currency Account is simple. You can see it in FastNet Classic internet banking and on the ASB Mobile Banking app along with your other ASB accounts.

Your balance shows in the foreign currency. You can transfer funds to and from your Foreign Currency Account just like you do with your other ASB accounts. You can also use it to make or receive overseas payments.


Making payments, deposits and withdrawals

When you want to send funds overseas in one of your chosen currencies, just make an International Money Transfer (IMT). You simply choose your Foreign Currency Account as the source of the funds. There’s no currency conversion to worry about, so you won’t get caught out by unexpected changes in exchange rates.

When you’re receiving international payments, give the sender your Foreign Currency Account number and the ASB SWIFT code, ASBBNZ2A. (We have a simple form you can complete and send, to provide all these details.) The funds go into your account without conversion.

You can also use your Foreign Currency Account to deposit international cheques. Our standard transaction fees apply and some deposits may be subject to a hold period.


Changing between currencies

When you want to convert, you can change between your foreign currency and New Zealand dollars online. You simply transfer the funds in FastNet Classic or on the ASB Mobile Banking app. We take care of the conversion for you without charging any fees.

You get to see our preferential Foreign Currency Account exchange rate, so you can decide if it’s the right time to complete the transfer. This gives you lots of flexibility and control. 

Tip: You can hold your funds in your chosen foreign currency until the exchange rate suits you, and then convert them.


Operating more than one foreign currency

If you regularly deal with several different currencies, you can have a Foreign Currency Account for each one. You can see them all in FastNet Classic and even convert directly between your different currencies just by transferring funds between them.

So for example, you could transfer from your US dollar account directly into your Japanese Yen account, rather than converting them into New Zealand dollars first. We offer preferential Foreign Currency Account exchange rates.


Which foreign currencies are available?

You can open a Foreign Currency Account in nine of our most commonly traded currencies.

  • United States Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Euros
  • Swiss Francs
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Hong Kong Dollars
  • Japanese Yen
  • Singapore Dollars

A minimum opening balance may apply.

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