Contents insurance

The value of the items in your home can add up surprisingly quickly. That’s why ASB offers contents insurance to suit most budgets and needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Get a package discount when you also take out house insurance and/or private motor vehicle insurance through ASB
  • Other discounts available include a claim-free discount and burglar alarm discount
  • A choice of two levels of cover to suit your needs
  • Public Liability cover - up to $1 million if you're liable for damage you've accidentally caused to someone's property or possessions in New Zealand
  • Your cover is underwritten by insurance specialists IAG, with the full support of ASB when you need it

Which cover is right for me?

Classic cover

Provides comprehensive cover on contents like furniture, appliances and personal belongings regardless of age, providing replacement value on most items where the item is lost, destroyed or cannot be repaired. Replacement value means you’ll receive brand new replacement items, regardless of how old your items were when they were lost or damaged. Classic cover includes:

  • Cover for your belongings while they’re at home or temporarily anywhere else in New Zealand, which means your phone or bag is covered while you are at work or away for the weekend.
  • Cover for your children’s possessions while they are living in tertiary education accommodation, such as a hall of residence.
  • Cover for hidden gradual damage to items, such as rot caused by leaking water.
  • Up to $12,500 for temporary accommodation if your house becomes uninhabitable.
  • For customers aged over 55, no excess and full replacement cover for the first claim during any period of insurance soley for spectacles, contact lenses, dentures or hearing aids.
  • Up to $1,000 to replace stolen keys or adjust locks, with no excess or loss of your no claims discount.


Basic cover

Provides cover on contents worth between $10,000 and $30,000 with a mix of market value and replacement value. Market value is what the items would cost to replace or repair in the current market, given their age and condition immediately prior to the loss. This is a good option if you’re on a budget and only need limited cover. Basic cover also includes:

  • Replacement value for most items less than five years old including furniture, furnishings, home appliances, sound equipment and TVs.
  • Replacement value for computers less than three years old.
  • Public liability cover -  up to $1 million if you’re liable for damage you’ve accidentally caused to someone else’s property or possessions in New Zealand.


Covering valuable items

If you want to insure a valuable item – like a watch, jewellery or a painting – for more than your policy limit allows, you will need to specify it in your policy. In some cases you may need to have the item valued.

Remember - keep your policy up-to-date and keep some proof of ownership or proof of value (like receipts) for your valuables.

Covering your contents that are in transit and storage

When you are moving home, your contents are likely to be in transit or even in storage, and won't be covered by your ASB contents insurance. To make sure they're covered, ASB offers two extensions to your existing contents insurance:

  1.  Goods in Transit Insurance
    This covers sudden and accidental loss or damage to your contents while they are in transit from one permanent residence to another.
  2. Goods in Storage Insurance
    This covers sudden and accidental loss or damage to your contents while they are in a secure storage facility for a set period of time.

To add Goods in Transit Insurance or Goods in Storage Insurance to your contents insurance through ASB, please call us on 0800 200 252.


Benefit from multiple discounts

You could be eligible for a number of discounts on your contents insurance through ASB:

  • Up to 40% annual claims free discount.
  • A discount for a professionally installed burglar alarm.
  • A package discount when you take out any combination of ASB home, contents or private motor vehicle insurance policies.
  • Plus a higher package discount if you are aged over 55.

Be aware of the main exclusions

There are a number of circumstances where your contents insurance through ASB will not provide cover, for example:

  • For theft of your belongings by anyone living in your home.
  • When your contents are in storage or transit, unless you have added a Goods in Transit or Goods in Storage extension to your existing ASB contents cover.
  • For valuable items that are above your policy limits, unless they have been specified on your policy.
  • Basic cover does not provide cover for theft of contents left unattended in public or an unlocked vehicle, property or room.

Who underwrites this policy?

ASB has chosen IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG) to underwrite our house insurance and contents insurance. View IAG's financial strength rating.

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ASB general insurances are underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG). For full details, refer to the relevant insurance policy document which is also available on request from any ASB branch or by calling 0800 200 252. The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. Exclusions apply. See further information regarding IAG’s financial strength rating. A minimum premium applies for all policies. Even if your policy qualifies for one or more discounts the total of these discounts cannot cause your premium to be less than the required minimum.

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