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If your home was damaged or destroyed, could you afford to repair or rebuild it yourself? ASB Home Insurance can help to protect one of your most expensive assets.

Benefits at a glance

  • If your home becomes uninhabitable due to loss or damage covered by your policy or EQC, we'll pay up to $20,000 for up to 12 months for temporary accommodation for your family
  • Get a Package Discount when you also take out ASB contents insurance and/or car insurance
  • Other discounts available include a claim-free discount and a burglar alarm discount
  • No excess or loss of claim-free discount if you need to claim on replacement keys and locks
  • You get legal liability cover if someone else's property is damaged or someone else is injured, for example if a tree from your property falls during a storm and damages your neighbour's house
  • Stress payment of $2,000 if you suffer a total loss of your house

Getting enough cover

ASB Home Insurance is based on a 'sum insured' amount, which is the estimated cost for a total rebuild of your home, including things like the cost of debris removal, special features and GST.

Here are two ways you could calculate the 'sum insured' for your home:

1. Use the 'sum insured' calculator.

2. Get an insurance valuation from a registered valuer or other specialist.

For your own peace of mind, make sure you're happy with the 'sum insured' you've calculated. It's important to be as accurate as possible, because if it's too low, you may have to rebuild your home to a lesser size or quality, or pay for some of the building cost.

ASB Home Insurance cover includes:

  • Demolition and removal of debris
  • Recreational features - up to $40,000
  • Post-event inflation protection
  • Stress payment (in the event of a total loss)
  • Retaining walls - up to $20,000
  • Loss of rental income if your tenanted property becomes uninhabitable due to loss or damage covered by your policy or EQC - up to $20,000 for up to 12 months
  • Hidden gradual damage, such as rot caused by a leaking water pipe, if you're living in the home - up to $5,000 per annum
  • Gardens and lawns - up to $2,500

Special Features

  • Wharves, piers, landings, jetties or cable cars need to be specified on your policy
  • There is limited automatic cover for bridges, culverts, permanent fords or dams, private utility plants (including wind or water mills or diesel generators) and wells or boreholes - see your policy document for the limits that apply. Items of a higher value need to be specified on your policy.

Benefit from multiple discounts

There are a number of discounts you could be eligible for on your ASB Home Insurance:

  • Up to 40% annual claim-free discount
  • Get a Package Discount when you take out two or more ASB home, contents or car insurance policies
  • Receive a higher discount if you are aged 55 or over
  • A discount for a professionally installed burglar alarm

Please tell us

Your cover could be affected in the following circumstances, so please let us know if:

  • The occupancy of your property changes. This means things like deciding to rent your house out or if it will be unoccupied for 60 consecutive days or more

Please ask us if you're not sure whether you need to tell us about something.

Please be aware

There are circumstances when you are not covered:

  • For intentional damage caused by the occupants (we do cover intentional damage by fire or explosion, unless caused by you or your spouse/partner). You can add ASB Landlord's Protection to your ASB Home Insurance to cover intentional damage caused by the tenant to the rental property. Find out more.
  • When your home is under construction or when structural renovations are happening. If you're undertaking works at your home, please call us on 0800 200 252 to ask about contract works insurance (also known as builders’ cover)

ASB Landlord's Protection

If you have a rental property, consider adding ASB Landlord’s Protection to your ASB Home Insurance policy. Landlord's Protection gives you additional cover for the things landlords worry about, such as your tenants intentionally damaging the property or contents you've left at the property for them to use.  It will also cover you for hidden and gradual damage.

Find out more about ASB Landlord's Protection.

Who underwrites this policy?

ASB has chosen IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG) to underwrite our house insurance and contents insurance. View IAG's financial strength rating.

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03. Decide

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04. Update

Tell us if something changes that affects your home insurance.

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The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. The insurance premium discounts do not apply to GST, government levies or optional extensions. For full details, refer to the policy document which is available from ASB Bank Limited. This insurance is underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited. See further information regarding IAG's financial strength rating.

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