How to make a home or contents insurance claim

If you need to make a claim on either your home or contents insurance, IAG and ASB are here to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible.

Home and contents claims update

We've experienced a spike in claims due to severe weather events this year. Unfortunately this may cause delays when you call our Claims Line. Rest assured, our teams are working hard and doing their best to manage claims as quickly as they can. 

Thank you for your patience. 


Making a claim

The ASB Claims Team is available Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm on 0800 200 242. If you need urgent assistance outside of these hours, please phone 0800 200 242. and choose option 1. If you're overseas, you can call the ASB claims line on +64 9 969 9282.

If your property is damaged, do your best to prevent any further damage occurring, if possible. This may include arranging for emergency repairs, such as replacing broken locks or windows. Make sure you keep all receipts for any of this work, as you can add this to your claim. 

Email us:

You can also contact us about your claim by emailing ficlaims@iag.co.nz

The IAG claims team will endeavor to get back to you within 2 business days. Including some of the following information about your loss will help speed things up:

  • Date the incident occurred
  • Your details - Full name, address, email address, contact phone numbers
  • Preferred time to be called back – between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday
  • Policy Number (if you have it)
  • A brief description about your claim

Other helpful things you could provide about your claim if you have them on hand


  • Date your loss occurred
  • Photos of damage to your home


  • Proof of ownership such as receipts or valuations
  • Photos of damage to your contents


  • Date your loss occurred
  • Details of what happened, including police reports if you have them
  • Photos of damage to your vehicle

Here are some other situations where we can help

Broken windows:

Call us, and we’ll give you a claim number and the contact details of a nearby repairer. You will pay a $250 policy excess when claiming for an accidental breakage.

Lost or stolen keys:

Call us to let us know. We’ll explain the process for getting your keys and locks changed. You’re covered up to $1,000 to replace stolen keys and to alter locks. There’s no excess to pay, and it won’t affect your house or contents insurance no-claims bonus. 

Claiming on items under your contents policy:

Call us as soon as possible if you need to claim on individual items. You may need to provide us with proof of ownership for things like your mobile phone, laptop, TV or jewellery. In these situations, receipts or valuations are best.

Water leaking:

You may be able to claim for water leaks under your home insurance policy if the leak occurs while you are personally living in the home. There are specific criteria for these types of claims to be accepted. Your claims case manager will be able to explain if you're likely to have any cover.

Address the leak immediately because it will likely only cause further damage if you don’t. Then contact us as soon as you can. Keep a record of repairs made and any receipts for work, as you may be able to include these in any claim. If you’re a tenant, notify your landlord immediately of any water leaks.


What to do if you've been burgled

  • Notify the police immediately - they will give you a file number to use in your claim. 
  • Call us as soon as you can, to let us know you’ve had a break in.
  • The police may want to investigate the burglary and take fingerprints, so make sure you wait for their advice before starting to clean up. There may be evidence in or around your home.
  • If possible, take note of what’s been stolen or damaged, including checking to see whether any other spare keys have been taken for your house or your car.
  • Let your neighbours know what’s happened – they may have seen something suspicious.
  • Remember when you make a claim; you might need to provide proof of ownership such as receipts, photos or serial numbers.


What to do following a natural disaster

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) provides natural disaster insurance for residential homes and contents called EQCover. You automatically have this cover as part of your ASB Home Insurance.

EQCover gives you financial protection for natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslips, volcanic eruptions, hydrothermal activity and tsunamis. It also includes storm, flood and fire cover that might follow these disasters.

How to make a claim on EQCover

  • You will need to lodge a claim with the EQC first. EQC claims can be made by calling 0800 326 243 (0800DAMAGE) or online. (Please make sure you make a note of your EQC claim number).
  • If the EQC advises you that your claim is above the EQC limits, you will then need to contact us to make your ASB claim. Make sure you have your EQC claim number.

IMPORTANT: You must make your claim with the EQC within three months of the date of the natural disaster.


What to do if you have a fire

1. Get out of the house
2. Make sure everyone is safe
3. Call the New Zealand Fire Service (111 if it is an emergency)

Follow their advice to ensure you and your property are as safe as possible, then call us as soon as you can.

The NZ Fire Service also provides helpful information on what to do after a fire.


Excess payments

House and contents insurance normally include an excess. This is an amount that you pay towards your claim – we will pay the rest up to your policy sum insured.

You can find out what your excess and what your policy limits are by checking your policy.

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