How to make a home and contents insurance claim

We understand that needing to make a claim can be unsettling. We've partnered with specialist insurer, IAG, who underwrite your policy with us, to manage your claim and make it as quick, easy and stress free as possible. 

Make sure you take a look at the helpful information below so we can get things sorted for you sooner.


Making a claim

Before getting in touch, please try and get together the following things:

  • Your policy number
  • A brief written description of what happened and the damage (photos are helpful)
  • Proof of ownership such as receipts or valuations
  • A police report if you have one

Experienced a burglary?
If you have been burgled, you must report it to the police as soon as possible and obtain a police file number to use with your claim. Try and get together a full list of items stolen as well as proof of ownership, such as receipts or valuations – these will be required by our claims team.

Whatever the situation, our claims team are here to help. Even if you don't have all the information required, we can work with you to get your claim sorted. 

Claim online:
You can lodge a claim directly with IAG through our online form.

Call us:
The claims team are available Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm on 0800 200 242 or +64 9 969 9282 from overseas.

Need urgent assistance outside of these hours?
Phone 0800 200 242 and choose option 1.

Existing claims:
To update an existing claim, email asbclaims@iag.co.nz or phone us on 0800 200 242.


The claims process

  • Below are some aspects of the process and how our claims team will help you.

    Assistance with repairs and replacement
    The claims team have access to the experts and resources that are necessary to assist you with your repairs and replacement.

    Expert Assessment
    Our Assessors specialise in dealing with losses involving insurance claims and may visit you to view the loss or damage. They can also assist you in arranging for repairs and replacement. Your assigned claims manager will let you know if you will be dealing with an Assessor.

    Fire claims
    If your claim involves a fire, we may appoint a specialist to work with your Assessor and the authorities to determine where and how the fire started. Fire & Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) also provide helpful information on what to do after a fire.



Natural disaster

Our insurance underwriter, IAG, has helpful information on how to prepare for and get back on your feet after a natural disaster on their Disaster Claims Hub. 

Find out more

The MetService also provides regular storm updates and general tips and guides on what to do during a storm.

What to do following a natural disaster
The Earthquake Commission (EQC) provides natural disaster insurance for residential homes called EQCover. You automatically have this cover as part of your ASB Home Insurance. 

EQCover insures your home and some areas of your residential land against loss or damage from earthquakes, natural landslips, volcanic eruptions, hydrothermal activity and tsunami, as well as fire resulting from any of these natural disasters. It also insures your residential land (within limits) against storm and flood damage. (Note, your home insurance policy does not cover your land).

How to make a claim on EQCover

  • ASB General Insurance is underwritten by IAG New Zealand Ltd (IAG). IAG acts as an agent of the EQC for the EQC portion of claims resulting from damage under EQCover. 
  • If your home or land is damaged in a natural disaster, IAG is your single point of contact to support your insurance recovery. 
  • We encourage all our customers to lodge their claim as soon as they identify damage. However, you'll have up to three months to lodge an EQC claim following a natural disaster event. Claims will also be considered up to two years, as long as the lateness of the claim does not materially prejudice EQC's ability to assess the claim.  


Other situations we can help

Replacement of keys and locks:
If a key to your home, or to a safe at your home, is lost or stolen, or if you believe the key has been duplicated without your permission, you don't pay an excess as long as your claim is only for replacing these keys and their locks. This includes electronic keys, swipe cards or equivalent devices.

Excess-free glass and bathroom fixtures optional benefit:
If you have purchased the Excess-free glass and bathroom fixtures optional benefit for your Home policy, you can claim for sudden and accidental breakage of any of the following at your home and not pay an excess:

  • Glass in windows, doors (including oven and fire doors), screens, cooktops, fixed lampshades, permanently fixed mirrors or built-in furniture.
  • Sinks, baths, wash basins, toilet bowls, shower cabinets or bases, or bidets. 

Water or sewage pipe blockage:
Under your Home policy, you do not pay an excess if your claim is only for clearing a blocked underground water or sewage pipe you are legally responsible for. We'll pay up to $500 during each year of insurance.

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Another helpful guide

The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. For full details, refer to the policy wording. This insurance is underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG). See further details about IAG's financial strength rating.

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