Important information about our general insurance discounts

Whether you're a new customer or an existing customer buying new policies, it’s important to understand how our discounts work.

Multi-Product discount

Save when you take out two or more eligible car, home, contents, or landlord's products when you meet the below criteria.

How it works

Read the following criteria for how the Multi-Product discount works.

  1. Policies which can be eligible for the Multi-Product discount are as follows:
    • Car
    • Classic Home
    • Classic Contents
    • Classic Home and Classic Contents (a combined policy)
    • Landlord's Home
    • Landlord's Contents
    • Landlord's Home and Landlord's Contents (a combined policy)
  2. Being named on a policy as a policyholder links eligible policies together.

  3. When a policy is purchased or an existing one renews, we check whether there is at least one other active eligible policy held by the policyholder(s). If there is, that new or renewing policy will receive a Multi-Product discount.

  4. A combined home and contents policy, or combined landlord's home and contents policy, however, will always receive a Multi-Product discount even if there are no other active policies in place.

  5. The order you take out your policies in could impact your final premium. When we check for other active eligible policies, we use the start and end date on the policy, not the date of a purchase. This applies even if buying policies that start in the future.

  6. So, if three policies are purchased (whether on the same or different days), the second and third policies receive a discount immediately, if entered in start date order. As the first policy does not meet the above criteria, it receives the discount only at its next renewal, unless the first policy is a combined policy then it receives the discount straight away.

Ways to reduce your premium

Protecting your property is important, so if you're feeling stretched, there are ways to lower your premium while staying insured.

Review your cover

Do you have optional benefits on your insurance? It's good to review these to ensure they are still relevant for you. If you don't need them, removing them may help reduce your premium.

Change your payment frequency

Changing your payment frequency from annual to fortnightly or monthly can help spread your premium throughout the year, but if you wish to pay fortnightly or monthly, a higher premium is charged than when you pay a lump sum annual premium. 

Change your excess

Ask about our excess options. Opting for a higher excess may help lower your premium. Conditions apply.

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The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. For full details, refer to the policy wording. Discounts apply to the base premium before GST and levies are factored in. Taxes and levies are subject to change as prescribed by legislation. Some discounts may also be applied to optional benefits. We apply our discounts one after another. This insurance is underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG). See further details about IAG's financial strength rating.