What is a Direct Debit receipt?

Last Updated: 20 May 2016

A direct debit receipt is a collection of payer transactions that are processed on the receipts due date (any date up to 60 days in the future).

Registration IDs

Every direct debit receipt is assigned a registration ID. Registration IDs determine whether:

  • a single payment, totalling the sum of all payer transactions, is deposited into your account, or 
  • a number of individual payments, matching each of the payer transactions in the receipt, are deposited into your account. 

What is ASB Management Services Limited (MSL)?

ASB Management Services Limited (ASB MSL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASB Bank Limited. ASB MSL is responsible for processing your direct debit receipts, deducting money from your payers accounts and depositing the funds in your account.

Important: A delivered direct debit receipt does not guarantee full payment into your account. For example, if a payer's account has insufficient funds, then a dishonour report is generated by ASB MSL to inform you that the amount could not be deducted from this payer. Dishonour reports are sent to your FastNet Business Messages Inbox.

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