What is a Direct Debit receipt status?

Last Updated: 16 May 2016

Every direct debit receipt is assigned a status. The following list describes each status.


Receipts that are saved with insufficient information required for processing. For example, if an account number or amount is missing, the status is Incomplete. A receipt must have at least a receipt name, a due date and one payer line with a payer name before it can be saved as Incomplete. Incomplete receipts cannot be authorised for processing. 

In Progress 

Receipts that are saved with sufficient information for processing by ASB will have a status of In Progress. 'In Progress' receipts are not authorised and cannot be sent for processing until fully authorised. Once authorised, they will have a different status (see below). 

Awaiting Full Authorisation 

If the receipt's registration ID requires two or more signatories, FastNet Business will require that the receipt be authorised for processing by the same number of users who have permission to do so. This status is applied to the receipt when the first person authorises the receipt. Once the required number of permitted users authorise the receipt, its status will change to Fully Authorised. 

Fully Authorised 

A fully authorised receipt is one that has been authorised for processing by the required number of users, but not yet sent for processing. 


If a receipt is not sent for processing on or before its due date, then it will expire. Expired receipts cannot be authorised or sent until the due date has been updated. Expired receipts can be deleted. 

Awaiting Processing 

When sent, a fully authorised receipt is assigned the status of Awaiting Processing. 

Awaiting Confirmation 

Awaiting confirmation that the receipt has been received by ASB MSL for processing. 


The receipt has been received by ASB MSL for processing. 

Note: A receipt with a delivered status cannot be deleted until seven days have elapsed. 

Processing Failed 

When a receipt cannot be processed, it is assigned a status of Processing Failed. For example, if the person who authorised a future-dated receipt is no longer permitted to authorise receipts, then when the receipt's due date is reached, the receipt will not be processed. 


The receipt was deleted by someone in your organisation. Receipts can be deleted at any stage before processing or seven days after attaining the Delivered status.

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