What types of errors might occur while making an Open Banking payment?

Last Updated: 28 May 2024

There may be different reasons you might experience an error during the Open Banking payment.

  • No available accounts: The account you have selected is not available. You can use Open Banking for any single signatory payment account that you access via our ASB Mobile banking app. This includes personal and business bank accounts. 
  • Over daily payment limit: The amount you have selected is over the daily limit of $30,000.
  • Something went wrong: The link used to redirect you from the merchants’ website to ASB Mobile Banking app has expired, or there was an issue with the information sent through by the merchant/Third Party. You will need to try again on the merchants’ mobile website or app.
  • Account error: The account you have used/entered in the creditor’s website or app doesn’t match any of your ASB accounts. Try again by entering a different account number in the creditor’s website or app or by selecting one from the list of available accounts in the ASB Mobile banking app.
  • Set up needed: You will need to register for Netcode. Find out how to set up your Netcode.
  • Update ASB Mobile app: An up-to-date version of the ASB Mobile banking app that includes the Open Banking feature used for making Open Banking payment, is required. Find out how to update the ASB Mobile Banking app.
  • ASB Mobile not installed: The mobile device/phone that you are using doesn’t have the ASB Mobile banking app installed. You will need to install the app to make a payment using Open Banking. Find out more about the ASB Mobile banking app.
  • Open Banking available on a mobile device only: Currently, the Open Banking payment can be made only via ASB Mobile Banking app. You will need to install the app on your mobile device and register for Netcode to proceed. You will need the latest ASB Mobile Banking app and be registered for Netcode.
  • Service unavailable: Something unpredicted has occurred and the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Find out more about Open Banking.

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