How do I set up User’s permissions in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2019
  1. Log into FastNet Business
  2. Click on the ‘Administration’ tab in the top level menu
  3. Click on ‘User Profiles’ from the left hand menu (this will show the full list of users for a site)

4. Click on the blue hyperlinked User ID for the person you wish to give permissions to. You will be taken to that individuals profile with the following menu options:


Access Tab


Permissions Tab

This is where you need to think about segregation of duties and security in regards to which user(s) can perform which tasks. 

We strongly recommend you give this some thought before ticking ‘select all’

For example, a user may have permissions to create and send payments but not to authorise. 

If you wish to discuss the various options in further detail, please phone the FastNet Business Helpdesk on 0800 225 527 Monday to Friday 07:30am – 08:00pm.

To assign permission:

  1. Tick the boxes of relevant functions you wish for the user to access perform
  2. Click save

Accounts Tab

Under the accounts tab, you need to think about what kind of account access you want the user to have.  You have the option to restrict access to view only or none (which will not display that account suffix for the user in question).

  1. Select the radio button to the required permission against the account(s) you wish the user to have access to and save.
  2. Click save

DD Rights & International

These are addition modules.  Within these tabs, select what access you want the user to have

Once permissions have been selected – click save. 

Authorising your User Changes

Once you have created / set your user permissions you will need to authorise them, you can do this by selecting Administration > Users > Current User Requests and entering your password and Netcode. Changes will take affect once fully authorised.

"Current User Requests" menu item

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