How do I grant access to a new suffix in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2024

A new suffix should automatically appear on your FastNet Business site, however it is not automatically assigned to any users. Note: Some suffix types may not appear automatically in the Administration section. These suffixes normally relate to Term Deposit and Loan Accounts. If you cannot see your new suffix please phone our FastNet Business Helpdesk on 0800 225 527 Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.30pm.

Once a new account has bee added to your FastNet Business site, our Fastnet Business Helpdesk will send you notification. The new account is not signed to any users.

To grant user access to a new suffix:

1. Go into the administration section of FastNet Business
2. Click on ‘Users / User Profiles’


3. Select your user(s) by clicking on the blue hyperlink of their user ID


4. Once in the users’ profile, select the ‘Accounts tab’


5. Select the access type required for the new account or suffix (i.e. transact, view or none)
6. Save
7. Click on Current User Requests (left hand side menu)


8. Select the user profile you want to authorise
9. Click authorise
10. Enter your log on credentials and Netcode
11. Click authorise (If you have access to 2 to sign accounts, you will require 2 Administrators to authorise this request)

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