How do I delete an Administrator Profile in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2016

To delete an administrator Profile

Deleting administrators can only be performed by the FastNet Business Helpdesk. To request a deletion of an Administrator.

  1. Complete the FastNet Business User Change Request form
  2. The request must be signed by the account signatories on the main account registered for your FastNet Business site
  3. Once complete, send your request to email - ‘FNBHelpdesk@asb.co.nz or fax-  09 377 2102
  4. The Helpdesk will confirm via email (if an email address has been proved on the form) to confirm completion of this request. 

Note: Normally there is a 2 day turn around on requests. This can be extended depending on the demand of the FastNet Business team.

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