How do I set or change a User limit in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2016

This change can only be made by one of your FastNet Business site administrators. (Note: An administrator cannot increase a daily user’s limit higher then what they have set for themselves).

Go into the administration section of FastNet Business:

 - Users

 - Click on User profiles

 - Select the user in question by clicking on the blue hyperlink of their user ID


Upon clicking on the user ID you will be taken into the users’ profile, defaulting to the Access tab. 

Under security:

 - Change the user limit

 - Save & exit


Once saved, your change is ready for authorisation and you will be taken back to the User Profiles main screen, listing all your users.


 - Click on ‘Current User Request


 - Select the user by clicking in the tick box to the left hand side of their name

 - Click authorise


 - Enter in your own user credentials and Netcode token number

 - Click authorise

Upon authorising the changes you need to log out and log in to update the limits. 

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