How do I dispute a transaction on my credit card that I don't recognise?

Last Updated: 16 Aug 2022

If there's a charge you don’t recognise on your credit card and you want to dispute it, we recommend you do a little research such as an internet search, to determine whether it's legitimate. Sometimes merchants bill under a different name, some common merchants are:

  • TWL (The Warehouse).
  • EziDebit (Used by a number of gyms eg Jett's).
  • Epoch (Third party billing site for dating and adult websites).
  • ACC EPathway (Auckland City Council – Dog registration / LIM report paid online).
  • ACNewcoreOnline (Auckland Council - Rate payments/Dog Rego etc).
  • Ezipay (Caci Clinic, ABC Learning daycare, Ashley and Martin (Hair regrowth clinic); Anytime Fitness). 
  • NZME (NZ Herald). 
  • Ezifitness Centres (Part of Ezidebit and charges for OpenAir Gymsports and Cheerleading centres amongst others).
  • PartPay (Where the purchase price is split into equal payments across four fortnights, so you will see four payments for the purchase).

If you've spotted an error with a transaction (e.g. an incorrect value or you were charged twice) or if you've got a dispute with a merchant (e.g. you didn't receive your purchase or you received damaged goods) then contact the merchant directly to resolve the issue. Do the same if you notice you're still being charged for a subscription or membership that you've cancelled.

If you still need to dispute a transaction, the best way to get in touch with us is by sending a message in FastNet Classic and one of our team will try to reply within the same business day. If you've forgotten your ASB login password, you can reset your password using the ASB Mobile Banking app.

Alternatively, you can phone our Contact Centre on 0800 803 804 and select option 2 then option 1 or drop into any ASB Branch to have your dispute lodged. You need to notify us within 30 days of the closing date on your statement (otherwise we may not meet the timeframes for the Visa Disputes process).

If your ASB Visa card has been stolen, or there are unauthorised transactions that you don’t recognise, it’s important to cancel and replace it using the ASB Mobile Banking app or FastNet Classic internet banking as soon as possible.

Make sure to select 'my card has been stolen' as the reason for your replacement card. This will cancel your card immediately and no new charges will be approved, although earlier approved transactions (pending transactions) may still go through. Other regular payments (reoccurring charges like Netflix or Uber) could still occur so to ensure this doesn’t happen for any fraudulent charges, please contact us on 0800 803 804 and we will assist with removing your credit card details.

We will check this as part of lodging a dispute on any fraudulent transactions that have occurred from the theft or unauthorised use of your credit card details. 

For security purposes, your replacement credit card will have a new number which you will be required to update for any existing reoccurring payments you that currently have loaded (e.g. Netflix, gyms, utility companies etc.).

If, in the course of our investigations, we establish the fraud is occurring through a repeat payment, your card may need be cancelled completely and replaced with a new credit card.

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