How do I cancel my unwanted credit card?

Last Updated: 27 Apr 2017

Cancelling your credit card is a little different from closing your credit card account entirely. For example, you may wish to cancel your card, but leave your credit card account open in order to make regular repayments on the outstanding balance.

If your credit card has been damaged or lost you can find out more on canceling and replacing your card here. 

Once cancelled, your card will no longer be valid and you will be unable to pay bills via direct debit or make purchases using your card. You will need to contact any providers you pay using this credit card to arrange an alternative method of payment. Also, please be aware that any pending transactions may be charged to your credit card account after the card has been cancelled. You’ll still be liable to pay for these transactions and any related interest and fees associated with them.

To cancel your credit card, call our contact centre on 0800 255 382 or visit your nearest ASB branch.

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