ASB credit card rates and fees

ASB no longer offers Visa Classic credit cards to new customers. For existing customers with a Visa Classic credit card, rates and fees are available below. Rates and fees may change.

Visa Classic

Interest rates
Purchase interest rate
Cash advance interest rate
Balance transfer interest rate
(fixed for 6 months)

The cash advance interest rate will be charged on cash advances and dishonoured payments.

The balance transfer interest rate will be charged on the balance transferred for 6 months from the date of transfer. Any outstanding balance at the end of this period will be charged at the applicable standard purchase rate. 


Individual account fee (every 6 months)

Joint account fee (per person, every 6 months)

Additional card (per card, every 6 months)

Other fees

Credit card cash advance fees.
(Interest will be charged from the date of the cash advance.)
Teller assisted


Credit card service fees
Statement copy
Overseas card delivery (Courier service fee)
Late payment fee

Offshore service margins

Overseas transactions will either first be converted into US dollars and then into New Zealand dollars or converted directly at an exchange rate selected by Visa or us (as the case may be) from available wholesale rates (or, if applicable, the Government mandated rate).

The Offshore Service Margin is a margin charged by us when you use your card to make an overseas transaction.

For overseas transactions made using your ASB Visa card Offshore Service Margins of 2.10% of the New Zealand dollar amount of the transaction are charged.

The converted amount and the Offshore Service Margins will appear on your card statement. You will be charged ASB FastCash card fees and margins if you select cheque or savings when using your ASB credit card overseas.

Terms and conditions: Interest rates and fees are subject to change at any time. Ask at any ASB branch about current rates and fees. ASB lending criteria and Credit Card Conditions of Use apply.

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