Track My Spending

Track exactly where your money goes and compare with your budgeted allowance with our internet banking tool

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Benefits at a glance

  • Stay on top of your transactions

  • Use allowances to track your progress

  • Code your spending to see where your money is going

  • Spot trends in your expenses and income

Be more savvy with your spending

Break down your spending

Code your transactions, so you can see where you spend your money and think about where you could cut back if you need to.

For example: home expenses, vehicle & transport and dining & bars.

Set up allowances

Track your expenses and see how much you are spending in each category. Delve a little deeper and set spending allowances in each category, so you can see what you have left to spend each month, to stick to that budget.

Getting started

1. Spend

Need to set up an ASB everyday account? View our range of accounts.

2. Set up

Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking and find Track My Spending by selecting Menu and then Financial Wellbeing. Select the accounts you'd like to track.

3. Track

Code your transactions and then check your dashboard to see your spending categorised.

4. Manage

Use 'My allowances' to set spending or savings targets. Need a savings account? See what suits you best.

Guides to get you there

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