Welcome to a world of Progress

We all have our own ways to measure progress, and our own stories about the things that matter to us. Whatever way you choose to measure it, and whatever your goals, we’re here to help you get one step ahead.

Watch our people of progress

We're proud to support New Zealand businesses on their road to progress. Check out the inspiring stories behind the ASB business customers who star in our campaign and how they measure success. However you choose to measure your progress in business, talk to us and find out how we can help your business stay one step ahead.

Mimi Gilmour-Buckley, Burger Burger

As the creative mastermind behind one of Auckland's most popular casual dining restaurants, Burger Burger, Mimi Gilmour-Buckley now has her sights set on nationwide burger domination.

Mimi doesn't just measure the success of her business in burgers sold. Changing the way young people perceive hospitality by making it into a viable career choice, is progress to her. Watch more to see a true trailblazer in action.

Jason Witehira, New World Victoria Park

Jason Witehira has shown that anything's possible with hard work. He's gone from stacking shelves to owning and operating one of the largest supermarkets in the country - New World Victoria Park.

For Jason, progress is about making a positive impact in the community that raised him. He's dedicated to giving the next generation the tools they need to become tomorrow's leaders. Learn more about Jason's story.

Pic Picot, Pic's Peanut Butter

Pic Picot crushes the classic 'started in a garage' Kiwi business story, and the result is one of New Zealand's favourite peanut butters, and an export success.

Staying true to his community and building a business that benefits those around him, is part of how Pic measures progress, see it for yourself.

Mary-Jeanne Peabody, Craggy Range

The Peabody family has built an enduring family legacy after realising the untapped winemaking potential in Kiwi soil. 20 years later and Craggy Range has cemented its place as a national treasure with an extensive portfolio of quality wines.

Becoming one of the world's great wine producers is top of the list for Craggy Range Director, Mary-Jeanne. She measures progress by building a world class reputation for a local, family grown winery. Watch more to see how Mary-Jeanne gets one step ahead.


Peter Reidie, Farmlands

Farmlands is New Zealand's largest farmer-owned rural supplies co-operative. They use the collective power of their shareholders to drive great outcomes for agriculture and in turn, great outcomes for New Zealand.

For Farmlands CEO Peter Reidie, the future of rural New Zealand is top of his agenda, and helping farmers solve challenges they may face tomorrow, today. Watch Peter in action and discover how he measures progress.

Jordan Rondel, The Caker

Jordan Rondel captured the heart of the baking world with a childhood hobby that quickly transformed into a successful international career with her business, The Caker - all it took was a dash of fresh inspiration.

Jordan measures progress through the innovations she brings to the industry. She brought her special touch to the masses with her new baking kits, finding a way to grow her business in and out of the kitchen. Watch what Jordan has to say about how she gets one step ahead.  

Ronnie & Doreen Xue, QEX Logistics

Responding to a call for Kiwi products in China is a good start, but turning that initial idea into a successful scaled up business takes real drive.

That's what Ronnie and Doreen Xue have done with their company, QEX Logistics. Launching onto the New Zealand stock exchange and delivering more of our quality products to the world are part of how they measure progress. Discover more of their story.

One step ahead

Find out the stories behind our People of Progress; the real people who star in our new ad, and the ways they measure how far they've come.

Sarah Lin

Meet Sarah Lin, the creative mastermind, printing 3D limbs to help others progress.

From starting her own business when 3D printing was in its infancy, to creating bespoke limbs for amputees, Sarah Lin has built more than a business printing in 3D she’s helping print dreams. We talked to her to find out how her measures of progress also involve helping others get one step ahead too.

Chaos & Harmony

Rebecca Anderson talks about selling up to stepping into a new career starting Chaos & Harmony.

Chaos & Harmony creative director Rebecca Anderson and her husband sold everything and moved to Italy so Rebecca could learn to design shoes. On their return Rebecca built a business that stands out. Find out how far she’s come and how she stays one step ahead.

Dan Smith

From Auckland to Adelaide to LA Ink, we talk to tattoo artist Dan Smith about his journey.

Tattoo artist Dan Smith has left his mark on more people than he can count, from Auckland to Los Angeles and beyond. He's appeared on LA Ink, and runs his own tattoo shop in California, so how does he mark his progress? We talked to him on set to find out more.