Our suppliers

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have of our suppliers. We're committed to fostering a positive work environment, so we expect our suppliers and their employees, agents and subcontractors to adhere to the same standards that we expect from our own people.

Supplier Code of Conduct


ASB encourages suppliers to have a positive impact on and be involved in, their local community.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

  • ASB suppliers must ensure any gifts or hospitality provided to ASB staff are appropriate; and must actively work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion, bribery, corruption, and facilitation payments.
  • ASB suppliers must not make any donations, political or otherwise, on ASB’s behalf or in a manner that could be construed to be in connection with ASB; and
  • ASB suppliers must ensure that the accounting of financial activity is carried out without any concealment or unlawful activity.


  • ASB requires that our suppliers will allow freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining for workers and will uphold other basic employment rights for its contractors and employees. 
  • ASB is an accredited Living Wage Employer, this means we require regular and ongoing contractors and subcontractors that supply services at ASB sites - for example, security guards and cleaning staff - to be paid at least the living wage, as determined by the Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand.

Human Rights and Modern Slavery

  • ASB has a commitment as part of the CBA Group, to have a clear view of the risks of modern slavery across our operations, and to be taking steps to address these risks. This includes in our supply chain and procurement practices.
  • ASB requires that our suppliers will take appropriate steps to both understand the modern slavery risks in their own operations and supply chain, and to enact measures to adequately address those risks. 
  • Suppliers should be guided by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and ensure that they do not use or benefit from any type of modern slavery including child labour, forced or bonded labour. 
  • ASB reports annually on modern slavery risks through the CBA Group Modern Slavery Statement. We require timely information from our suppliers to support this reporting and evidence of their compliance with ASB's expectations in relation to modern slavery.  

Diversity and Inclusion

ASB values diversity and inclusion and expects its suppliers to ensure they do not discriminate against their employees, customers or other members of the public based on gender, age, disability, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Suppliers will have processes and policies in place to support this which meet or exceed the requirements of any relevant laws.

Conflicts of Interest

ASB suppliers, including their staff and representatives, must disclose any known or potential conflicts of interest in their relationship with ASB, especially related to formal processes such as a RFPs, tenders or similar.

Environment and Climate Change

  • ASB is committed to reducing our climate change impact to support the Paris Agreement targets of limiting the global average temperature increase to no more than 1.5 deg above pre-industrial levels. We actively manage our own carbon emissions, and we are Toitū carbonzero certified.
  • In line with our commitments as a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition, ASB expects our suppliers to be aware of the climate impact of their operations, and to take steps to reduce their carbon emissions. This includes reducing the carbon intensity of their operations and processes, such as transport and energy use.  
  • We encourage our suppliers to play a positive role in promoting climate action through engagement with employees, clients, their own suppliers and industry peers.  

Whistle-blower Process

  • ASB expects suppliers to have a policy or process to support employees, suppliers and contractors in raising concerns of serious wrongdoing that is clearly communicated and understood by those that it applies to. Any such policy or process shall protect whistle blowers and, to the extent possible, prevent retaliation by the individual’s employer. 
  • Suppliers wishing to raise a concern about ASB or ASB’s employees can contact ASB directly or ASB’s SpeakUp service. The SpeakUp service is a trusted, independent avenue, available 24/7 to raise matters of concern. You have the option of identifying yourself or remaining anonymous. 
  • Phone: 0800 555 675
  • Email: speakup@speakuphotline.com.au

A failure to meet one or more of the above principles could, at ASB's sole discretion, preclude a supplier from providing products or services to ASB on an ongoing basis or eliminate a supplier from any market engagement process, subject to contractual obligations.

Supplier Marketplace - BuyRight

ASB is utilising the Unimarket procure-to-pay solution to make it easier for ASB staff and suppliers to engage with each other electronically. Unimarket is a New Zealand company that provides us with simple and easy-to-use software to help us better manage supplier-related spend and optimise ASB's buying and invoicing processes.

The Unimarket Supplier Network is an ever‐growing network of suppliers. ASB requires suppliers to be registered on the Unimarket network to receive orders, quotes and tenders, as well as managing invoicing processes.

If you have already registered you can log in. If you have been invited to register by way of an invitation from the ASB or the Unimarket portal, please follow the registration instructions provided. Please note, that unless you have a signed agreement or contract for the provision of goods and services, then ASB's standard purchasing terms apply when purchasing through the Unimarket system. If you do have a written agreement then that written agreement will take precedence over ASB's standard purchase terms.

Supplier Management - SupplyRight

At ASB, we work closely with our suppliers to help achieve sustainable growth and good customer outcomes. It is important that ASB understands our suppliers and appropriately manages them to ensure resilience in our supply chain.

SupplyRight, powered by Coupa, is a workflow tool used to manage supplier lifecycle at ASB. This portal is used by ASB to understand supplier relationships and gather and manage information from our suppliers to ensure the success of both suppliers and ASB. All information required to onboard our suppliers and manage their ongoing obligations is requested through ASB's SupplyRight and BuyRight systems, ensuring ASB's suppliers are meeting the Supplier Code of Conduct and other ASB policies.

While we may require our suppliers to log in to BuyRight and SupplyRight, ASB will never ask you for secure information by email or text message. If you receive a suspicious email or text appearing to come from ASB, report it to phishing@asb.co.nz, then delete it.