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Time to take your product or services to the world? ASB provides expert advice alongside the right financial tools and online solutions to make exporting easier.

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Great reasons to choose us

  • Get lending specifically designed to suit your exporting requirements and business size
  • Achieve easier entry to new markets through ASB’s global network of partner banks
  • Benefit from our experience working with some of New Zealand’s biggest and most successful exporters and service providers
  • Work with international trade experts who’ll assist with foreign currency management and trade finance solutions
  • Deal directly with a full-service bank that provides an end-to-end solution for all your exporting needs
  • Speak directly to an international business expert who'll help you to get started

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01. Get in touch

Find an international business expert, call 0800 487 272 or email us.

02. Decide

We’ll work together to determine exactly what’s required to support your exporting and importing goals with each country.

03. Get going

Whether it's risk mitigation, managing foreign exchange or accessing an emerging market, we’ll tailor a plan to help you succeed.

Next steps

Find an international business expert

Looking to expand internationally or import goods to New Zealand? An international trade expert can help.

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FastNet Business internet banking

FastNet Business internet banking is a powerful online banking platform that allows your business partners access to your ASB accounts. You decide what each person can see and do, so you can delegate your banking tasks without losing control.

FastNet Business International

If your business relies on exporting or importing, FastNet Business International can save you time and reduce costs. Use it to manage international payments, operate ASB Foreign Currency Accounts, set up import letters of credit and view your ASB trade finance facility.

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