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Before you import or export, a wealth of experience is available to help you make the right decisions. ASB and a range of organisations can all provide you with expert advice, influential contacts and all-important market access.


Get financial support and more

When you're researching how to import or export, ASB is a great place to start. Our international business experts can take you through all the key steps, and because they deal with international businesses on a daily basis, their advice is practical and current. They can also help you access overseas markets thanks to ASB's global network and relationships with international banks.

Another way that ASB can help is through our partnerships with organisations which specialise in helping Kiwi businesses succeed overseas. We work closely with Export New Zealand to connect you with complementary businesses and individuals, who can provide you with real-life market knowledge and opportunities.

Then, when you're ready to start importing or exporting, ASB can arrange a trade finance loan which can help fund your venture at a lower-rate than our standard ASB overdraft.


Take advice from those in-the-know

Having friends in high places can be helpful, so it’s worth discussing your plans with New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE), a government agency dedicated to supporting Kiwi business overseas. Their influence can help you with market access by giving you introductions to local businesses and industry bodies.

NZTE also offers a range of programmes - including workshops and master classes – aimed at helping you succeed in international business.

For exporters in the business to business market, Export New Zealand hosts training and events where you can learn best practice, discover market trends and meet fellow exporters.


Go and meet your market

When you're planning to import or export, trade fairs are a valuable part of market research. As well as being able to showcase your products and meet potential buyers and distributors, it's also a good way to assess market conditions and take a close look at your potential competitors.

Export New Zealand lists upcoming events and NZTE has a guide on how to be successful at trade fairs.

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