What should I do with a bank account following a death?

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2016

It is best for you to let ASB know of the death as soon as possible. Holds will be placed on the deceased’s accounts while the estate matters are arranged and ASB will help you through the next steps.

If the deceased’s personal accounts are held in joint names, the balance usually becomes the property of the surviving persons; in this case a hold will not need to be placed on the accounts and the deceased’s name will be removed from the account. 

ASB can provide the proven executors, administrator or Next of Kin with a list of all products and on-going instructions held by us if requested. This includes automatic payment instructions, bank accounts, insurance products, investments and the ASB KiwiSaver scheme. 

Accounts held solely in the deceased name will be made available once the closing documents have been received by ASB. The balance will be made available to the proven executors, administrator or Next of Kin of the estate.

For further information, view our online Deceased Estates brochure.

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