What happens if there's a problem with my Save the Change savings account?

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2014

If for any reason we can’t transfer your savings into one of your nominated savings accounts, the funds will simply be returned to your transaction account.  We’ll display an error message in FastNet Classic on your Save the Change accounts page to let you know.

If you only have one nominated savings account, we’ll stop Save the Change until you choose a new savings account.

If you have more than one nominated savings account, we’ll continue distributing to those accounts, excluding the account with an error.  For example, if you originally had three nominated savings accounts but there is a problem with one of them, your daily savings will be split over the two remaining accounts.

Can I delete the savings account with an error?

Yes.  You can delete the savings account that has the error and add a new one. 

  • Log In to FastNet Classic and select Save the Change, under My Money the main menu. 
  • Select View/Edit setup.
  • Select Add another account and choose the account.
  • Delete the account with the error.
  • Select Save and Close.

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