If I select more than one savings account to Save the Change, how much does each savings account receive?

Last Updated: 14 Mar 2014

We try to even things up, so the total rounded amount is split evenly amongst the number of savings accounts you nominate. If the amount can't be evenly split between all accounts, the first savings account listed will receive any additional amounts.

For example, if you choose to share your savings between three nominated ASB savings accounts and your total rounded amount for the day is $3.04, the first savings account listed will receive $1.02 and the other two accounts will each receive $1.01.

When you set up or edit your Save the Change preferences, ensure that the savings account at the top of the list is the account you would want to receive the extra. 

How many savings accounts can I Save the Change to?

You can choose up to 10 ASB savings accounts to receive your savings. They can be your own ASB savings accounts, someone else's ASB savings accounts or a combination of both.

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