Why does the new login ask for a Client ID?

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2016

Some customers have reported problems with the Log In panel at the top right of asb.co.nz.  In some cases the Log In panel shows three boxes for a Client ID, User ID and Password. This is the login for FastNet Business, internet banking for business. If you are looking for FastNet Classic internet banking, this article provides options to address this problem.

Our technical team fixed a problem in late May, however some browsers may still default to FastNet Business.  We apologise for any inconvenience this problem may cause.

What are my options?

If three boxes are displayed asking to enter your Client ID, User ID and Password, change the log in panel from FastNet Business by clicking the arrow and choosing FastNet Classic from the list.

Once you choose FastNet Classic, you will be taken to the new ASB Login page to enter your username (formally access code) and password. You can then do your internet banking as normal.

The next time you return to asb.co.nz, the Log In panel will default to FastNet Classic instead of FastNet Business.

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