Could someone else access information in my Online Vault?

Last Updated: 01 Nov 2019

The Online Vault is very secure as it can only be accessed by logging in to your FastNet Classic internet banking.

You can find your Online Vault under Document Centre in the menu on the left. The Online Vault allows you to store your personal information in a private and secure location which can be accessed online through your internet banking.

What you can store:

  • Personal Information (Passport details, drivers licence and much more)
  • Bank Details (Accounts, credit cards etc.)
  • Important Contacts (Next of kin, accountant, solicitor or any other contacts you like)
  • Medical Details (Medical conditions, allergies, vaccination history and doctor details)
  • Insurance Details (Insurance contacts and insurance policies)
  • And more…

This information is only visible to you, and will not be used by ASB for any purpose without your consent. Remember, it is important that you never disclose passwords to anyone. We recommend you do not store passwords in the Online Vault.

We recommend that you activate Netcode at login as an extra layer of protection for your personal information, in case your password is compromised.

Learn more about Netcode.
How do I register for Netcode?

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