Can I sell my shares without opening an Online Share Trading account?

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2016

Yes, if you’re an ASB customer, a convenient way to sell your shares without having to open an online share trading account is through a one off sale.

Here are some tips to help make sure your one-off sale application goes through smoothly:

  • You will need all the shareholders’ signatures - Ensure all the registered shareholders sign the one-off sale form and that the relevant shareholder number and Faster Identification Number (FIN), also referred to as authorisation code, details are provided.
    • Shareholder number - This can be found on your shareholding statement and most dividend notices.
    • FIN number (4 digits) - The share registry will have posted this to you when you made your first share purchase. If you no longer have this, contact the registry.
  • Check your details are correct - Ensure the information you supply matches the records of the share registry. You’ll find them on your shareholding statement or, simply contact them to confirm. The share registry phone numbers are shown below. If your details no longer match, update them with the registry, prior to sending us the documentation.
  • Supply your bank account details - If sale proceeds are being paid to a non-ASB account, you’ll need to supply us with a bank deposit slip or statement showing the account number (we are unable to process hand-written account numbers).
  • Check for a Dividend Reinvestment Plan - Check with the share registry to see if you have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan in place, as you could be allocated shares after the one-off sale.
  • Check your identification and address details have been verified - You can supply your ID and proof of address to any ASB Bank branch or you can send us certified copies.

New Zealand share registry contact details:
Computershare                         (09) 488 8700
Link Market Services                (09) 375 5999

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