How do I add an authorised person(s) to my Online Share Trading account?

Last Updated: 20 Sep 2017

Adding to a new share trading account.

To add an authorised person(s) when opening a new share trading account, please complete the individual/joint application form with the authorised person(s) filling out section 13. 

Adding to an existing share trading account.

To add an authorised person to your existing share trading account, the account owner(s) will need to submit a request using the individual/joint application form - authorised persons will need to complete section 13.

For both cases, all account owners and the authorised person(s) will need to sign and date the terms and conditions (section 15 of our individual and joint application form) and bring it into one of our branches along with identification and address verification. If your identification documents are issued by a country other than New Zealand or Australia, we may require additional information about your income or assets.

For entity accounts that wish to add an authorised person(s), please call us on 0800 272 732 and select option 5 to clarify requirements specific to the entity account. 

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